Articles and Press Releases for Community Resolutions

The following are articles and press releases relating to the community resolutions in defense of the Constitution and civil liberties.

April 21, 2003, Evelyn Nieves, The Washington Post, Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act[1].

December 20, 2002, Michael Janofsky, The New York Times, Cities Urge Restraint in Fight Against Terror[2].

December 17, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle Editorial, A Fight for Freedoms[3]

December 12, 2002, Jon Ward, The Washington TimesActivists seek anti-INS Resolution[4]

Press Release[5] for the Takoma Park, MD Resolution

Statement of Anthony D. Romero[6], Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union , on Launch of ACLU Safe and Free Campaign 

October 16, 2002, Michael Leon, CounterPunch, Citizens Blast Patriot Act. Madison Passes Civil Liberties Resolution.[7]

Fall 2002, Nat Hentoff, Free Inquiry magazine, Citizens Resist War on the Bill of Rights[8]

September 13, 2002, NOW with Bill Moyers, PBS, Rethinking Freedom[9]

September 9, 2002, Jennifer Van Bergen, TruthOut, “Rage, Rage Against the Dying Light” — Civil Liberties Since September 11th[10]

September 9, 2002, Nat Hentoff syndicated column, Insight, Sept. 11: Will We Stay Free?[11]

Overview of Changes to Legal Rights[12] 

Fall 2002, Yes! magazine, Declarations of Liberty

July 15, 2002, Nat Hentoff, Legal Times, Coming to Our Defense: Citizens are Joining up to Protect Liberty in War on Terrorism[13]

July 15, 2002, Editorial, The Progressive Populist, War Becomes Con Game[14]

July 1- July 8, 2002, Nat Hentoff, Editor & Publisher, The Sons of Liberty and their contemporary heirs

July 1, 2002, Dean Schabner, ABC News, Patriot Revolution? Cities From Cambridge to Berkeley Reject Anti-Terror Measure[15]

July 2002, Nat Hentoff, The Progressive, Ashcroft Watch: Grassroots Patriots[16]

June 21, 2002, Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, The Sons and Daughters of Liberty[17]

June 17, 2002, Nat Hentoff, The Washington Times, The USA un-Patriotic Act[18]

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